Web Design

Successful websites need good design. Your visitors want to reach their goals, be it acquiring information about your location or putting that new product of yours in their shopping cart. Sites that do not guide your users fast enough to their targets waste both – your potential and the time of your visitors.

We create websites for you quickly and cost efficiently. After we have finished the website, you will be able to manage your website easily by yourself and your team. We make this possible by utilizing Open Source Content Management Systems that get a custom design by us to perfectly fit your identity. Thus you will circumvent high follow-up costs, that will crop up with other providers.

A typical planning phase for an internet website with us:

Analysis of the current state – is there already a website in place, how can it be improved, respectively created from scratch. Analysis of the websites of competitors and partner sites. What can we do we need to implement that the competition offers and most importantly how can we take this a step further and improve their features and add new functions.

Define goals  – what does the new website want to achieve, how can you present your services and products better to your potential customers, how can your organisation benefit from an improved website and ultimately save time and be more efficient?

Design phase – We develop the layout for the new website and discuss it with you in detail. A sitemap showing all pages and subpages is being created to show the structure and flow of the site.

Conversion – The layout is being converted into your future website. Potential modules will be specifically programmed in case the site benefits from it. The required texts for the website are being written, photos and illustrations are being created.

Completion – Your new website is going online. Afterwards we will always be on your side to help you with questions and update and improve the site for you. We will analyse the website visitor statistics with you and help you to achieve better search results for your relevant pages on search engines like Google and therefore achieve a better conversion rate for your goals.

“Too much is not enough”

Simply put we believe that “more” does not automatically mean “better”. In a lot of cases this train of thought will be rather contraproductive for your website. If you look at the most successful websites on the web, most of them convince their users by simplicity and the focus on the most important functions without overwhelming the user with complexity. If your website greets the visitor with an abundance of links and buttons, it will just make it more difficult for them to navigate through this jungle of information to get to their desired destination.