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Animations for the world wide web

Why do webdesigners use vector graphics for animations?

Vector graphics are the best format to use on the web for animations due to their smaller file size in comparison to video data or simple animated pictures, like for example .gif files. Vector graphics use a sophisticated compression algorithm by displaying graphical shapes using X and Y positions. For a triangle the computer just needs to know the three positions of the end points to display a triangle that can be scaled virtually limitless without quality loss. In comparison a mere picture of the same triangle in JPEG format would increase in size by four times if you scaled it to double its size and also suffer great losses in quality and become pixelated. That is why designers use vector programs for creating fonts, logotypes and of course animations.

We have created a nice little animation below that illustrates how vector works and how small the file size of a complex web animation can be – in this case 137 kilobytes.

This movie requires Adobe Flash Player

Nowadays it is also possible to create static internet graphics in the .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format. While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer kept this format (and also the .png format) from going mainstream for a while, nowadays it is fortunately implemented even in this glorious browser (Webdesigners will know what I am talking about). Nowadays Wikipedia shows most of the logos and maps in .svg format, so it is possible to scale these graphics without quality loss and put them on big posters and screens.

The main use for vector graphics on the web remains with animations nonetheless. Even though bandwidth has increased, thus making it possible to use video for a lot of websites, the use of Flash continues to this day. Major video portals like YouTube and Vimeo rely on this technology to offer their services and most of the video content on the web is still delivered this way. We acknowledge the criticism of the technology – annoying web banners, blinking popups and crashing webbrowsers due to badly scripted applications from the stone age of the net, but the advantages the technology has brought the web if used for a good cause prevail by a big margin. Nobody would condemn the invention of the printing press for all the annoying flyers and advertising that lands in our post box, so why blame a technology for the uncreative use by some of us?

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We would love to help you turn your vision into a graphic reality. Explaining complex circumstances by using animations and sound is a great way to reach your audience. A museum can use interactive animations to show movies about the artists to unveal the actual human being behind the paintings. The possibilities are virtually without limit. Move your clients by offering them interaction. We will do our best to make your dream come alive.


Graphic for funk rock band: The Lord of Lightning


Graphic Design for The Lord of Lightning

For his newly released Single: “Love Ain’t a Guarantee” we created this graphic to resemble the sound of the music. You can view the music video on YouTube here. If you enjoy the track support the band and download the track on Amazon or iTunes.

More videos and songs at REVERBNATION!

8 jewellery & accessoires – Your Jeweler in Munich.


We have developed the brandnew website for 8 jewelery & accessories. The challenge was to show the wonderful interior of the showroom inside of the website. This was achieved by showing varying large pictures of the showroom inside the header of each page.


Layout and Konzept
Bilangual – English and German – To be able to address the international clientele in Munich
Picture retouching
Custom Google Map for the contact page
Google Places for business page

Wieselblitz.de Redesisn online


Wieselblitz – Photography Elke Vogelsang

Another photography website! This time for the photographer from Hildesheim – Elke Vogelsang. The objective was to develop a new look for the website. The whole website is multilingual – English and German – using the WPML Plugin.


Layout and Template customization
Diverse Plugins to enhance the website
SEO Optimization

You can view Elke Vogelsang photos here: wieselblitz.de/en

New website for photographer Sabrina Beerbaum


Photography Sabrina Beerbaum – Wedding Photography and beautiful Portraits

The photographer Sabrina Beerbaum from Munich had commisioned me to do some changes to her website. The template for WordPress was customized to fit the current design.


Layout and Template customization
Different Plugins to enhance the website
SEO Optimization


Roll-up display (Aero) for medical fair

For a Berlin medical startup desisn designed a roll-up display (“Aero”). Among other things, the tiny icons had to be vectorized, so they would not appear as giant pixelated artefacts on the 2 meter high display. Through the convenient technique of the rollable banner display, it was possible to provide an extremely cost-effective mobile stand for various medical and health fairs (eg Medica).

Messestand Medizinmesse Medica