Link Google+ profile with WordPress website

It is a bit tricky – because Googles user interface is a little complicated. First go to your Google+ profile and navigate to “About”.

Link Google+ profile with WordPress website

Now scroll down to “Links” and click “Edit”. Now add your website URL to “Blogs/Websites”.


Install the WordPress Plugin: WordPress SEO by Yoast, this Plugin adds the option field Google+ to Users > Your Profile, where you can link your Google+ profile with WordPress. For example:

If you have multiple contributors, each one should link his own Google+ profile to his / her profile.

This is how a search result will look like on Google with a linked Google+ profile:

Google+ Profil mit WordPress verknüpfen

Advantage: Higher clickrate, because the search result looks more personal and authentic. Disadvantage: Every website owner now does not only need a Facebook Page, but also Google+.