Webdesign for research group KFO247

For the research group 247 – “Deep Brain Stimulation” – of the German Research Foundation (DFG) desisn has been developing a website. Among other things, we implemented a calendar that can be kept up to date easily and thus helps the group to share upcoming lectures. Furthermore, the site allows the group to share their latest publications via PubMed with the global research community. The whole web site was developed using WordPress CMS. The design reflects blue color gradations that are also being used by the DFG in their identity, so a connection between the group and the DFG can be seen through the design. The whole site is bilingual in German and English, so international colleagues can connect with the group on their various collaborations.



WordPress installation
Theme Webdesign
Photo and Image editing
Calendar Plugin
Configuration of several WordPress plugins
Bilangual – English | German

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Roll-up display (Aero) for medical fair

For a Berlin medical startup desisn designed a roll-up display (“Aero”). Among other things, the tiny icons had to be vectorized, so they would not appear as giant pixelated artefacts on the 2 meter high display. Through the convenient technique of the rollable banner display, it was possible to provide an extremely cost-effective mobile stand for various medical and health fairs (eg Medica).

Messestand Medizinmesse Medica

WordPress Site for Hannover 96 Supporters

Desisn developed the new website for the Bundesliga supporters club of Hannover 96. The task included porting the existing page from Typo3 to WordPress. A specially tailored plugin administering the list of existing fanclubs was installed, two forums ported and all the 1000+ news articles were imported.



WordPress installation
Theme Webdesign – soccer style
Photo editing
Custom graphics and icons
Fanclub plugin
Configuration of several WordPress plugins
Import of 1000+ news articles